In 2005 for the first time I visited India: it was my first contact outside the European continent and for me India was love at first sight. Since then I have continued to travel in Asia in all the following years, often leaving Europe for several months. In 2010 I travelled continuously throughout the year, visiting slowly many different country of south east Asia and bringing with me my sketchbooks and my inseparable watercolors. In 2015 I have been selected to exhibit  my carnets at the most important meeting in Europe for artists who create travel drawings, which is the “Rendez Vous du Carnets de Voyage” of Clermont Ferrand, in France (at this link you can see my own page on their official web site). I also exhibit  my carnets at: “Matite in Viaggio” at Centro Culturale Candiani (Mestre,Venice) in 2014, 2015, and 2016; at “Diari di Viaggio Festival”  Palazzo della Racchetta (Ferrara) in may 2016; at “Festival du Carnet de Voyage” of Carcassonne ( France) in june 2017.

On 2019 I received the 1st prize at the PREMIO ANTONIO COCCO 2019 (created by the venetian Association “Matite in Viaggio”) with my sketchbook project called “On Elias Canetti’s foot prints” about my three months travel in Morocco on 2017.

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